Basic Sewing 101: Securing Your Stitches

Finished seam

So, you’ve gotten to the end of your seam or you are about to run out of thread.

You need to secure the end of the thread, so that your stitches won’t pull out. But how?

This is *so* easy, you’ll love it!

Small stitch in place.
Start by taking a very small stitch in place, right where you were last sewing.

Start by taking a small stitch in place at the end of your line of stitching.

Thread pulled most of the way through.
Pull the thread most of the way through but not quite all the way!

Pull the thread most of the way through, but not all the way!

Pass needle through loop.
Pass the needle through the loop.

Just before the loop of thread closes, pass the needle through it.

Pull loop closed.
Then finish pulling the loop closed.

Then pull the loop of the stitch closed.

Knot forming
The loop forms a knot as it closes.
Knot has formed.
First knot in place. It is best to make two or three knots in the same place. You can pass the tip of the needle under your last small stitch rather than taking another stitch.

It makes a small knot right there! It’s best to do this another time or two, just to make sure the thread is secure. You can pass the needle under the stitch you just made, rather than making a new stitch all the way through the fabric.

Cut the excess thread.
Snip the thread about 1/2 inch away from the knot.

Then cut the thread about a half inch from the knot. Done!

Are you a visual person who likes to see it in action? Check out my quick video of how to secure your stitches.

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