Reaching the Top

Wow, the first day of being a published author started out with a bang!

We're #1
We reached #1 best seller status in four categories in the U.S. and three in Canada!

We reached #1 in all four of its Amazon categories in the U.S., and #1 in three in Canada, making me….

365 Moments of Grace
Happy, silly selfie of me with 365 Moments of Grace.

An International Amazon Best-Selling Author!

Now, I didn’t do it without the help of a couple hundred of my co-authors, but that doesn’t diminish in the least the thrill it gave me.

Dang. Two major life goals met in one day.

I guess it’s time to move up working on those novels so they can get published, too!

Find out more about the book and order it on this page.

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