Reaching Goals!

365 Moments of Grace
365 Moments of Grace is available June 21, 2016. Order now via one of the links below and receive your bonus gifts! (Bonuses available for a limited time only.)

Today, June 21, 2016, I have reached a goal that was a long time in coming – I have become a published author!

I’ve been writing online for quite awhile, but that wasn’t quite the same. I wanted to see my words in print – and not just in the “letters” section of the paper! (I reached that goal for the first time when I was sixteen.)

I love the book I’m a part of. It is a collaborative book about the various ways that grace enters our lives and makes it better. There are 365 such stories, by more than 250 authors from all over the world.

I will be sharing my piece here, later, as a “taste” of the book. So watch this blog! Or buy the book to read it on page 38. 🙂

Please use my links below to order the book on Amazon. (These links give me a small commission which is my only compensation as a collaborative book author.) You may order the e-book and get immediate delivery (available soon), or a paperback, directly through Amazon. Contact me using the form below to have me sign a paperback personalized just to you.

All orders the first two months receive a bunch of free gifts from the authors of the book as well! Enter your Amazon receipt number at the 365 Moments of Grace webpage if you order through Amazon. I will email you the gift access information when you order your signed copy directly through me.

The beautiful book trailer is on YouTube here.

Thank you!

Unsigned Paperback: Click Here or on cover photo to order directly from Amazon!

E-book/Kindle: (coming soon, approximately the beginning of August!)

Signed Paperback…complete the form below! (Please allow two to three weeks for delivery as I personalize the inscription and mail these books myself.) $24.00 includes paperback book, author dedication and signature in ink, and shipping anywhere in the U.S.
I will email you before signing your book to verify the details.

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Unsolicited Testimonial from Virginia Spotts.

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