A cottage in the valley next to the woods…

I Dream…

Of being happily married to a guy I love who loves me…

Of writing, creating, and helping others learn, every day…

Of being on my own schedule, not in a job…

Of living in a way that more than enough cash comes in, doing what I love…

Of spending time outdoors whenever I want to…

Of living with beautiful vistas and few neighbors…

Of being surrounded by close friends and family, the people who I love…

Of sleeping well each night…

Of living in harmony with nature, the days and the seasons…

Of being who I was truly meant to be.


What are your dreams?

Publication Day!


With all the changes on the home front and in my life the past few months, and the intensity of having a new job, a very special day nearly snuck up on me without my noticing. Publication Day!

Today, the third book of the “365” series, 365 Life Shifts, is available for sale. This is the second book of the series that I have been published in. (See this page for the first book I was in, 365 Moments of Grace, which became an International Best Seller.)

365 Life Shifts” could be a daily devotional, or a book you dip into randomly whenever you need a bit of encouragement. The stories, from over 200 different authors, flow together in themes of changed perceptions, changed mindsets, and changed lives.

My story, “The Lesson of the Zipper,” came about by request. My chapter in “365 Moments of Grace” happened to be about my daughter. So, this time around, my son requested that I write about him. Fair’s fair, and so I did.

My chapter in “365 Life Shifts” tells the story of a day of firsts for my son – several life shifts that launched him from the path of the little child, onto that of the big boy.

My hope is that my story, and the others that you’ll read, will encourage you to make your own “life shifts.”

Purchase your own copy through Amazon or direct from me for a personalized autograph message.

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Unsolicited Testimonial from Virginia Spotts.


Changes can be hard to live with.

2016 has been a year of changes so far.

It started out in January with a health scare involving my boyfriend’s parents, which lead to him spending a month located three states and a time zone away.

A part time job that had only partially met my financial needs ended on February first.

I started an online business (The School of Lost Arts) teaching long-forgotten self-reliance skills via two-way live video, and got my first students.

I came to understand my faith in a way I never had before, thanks to a small church in a very old tradition (more about that in a later post!)

And, that understanding lead to a need to make a change in living arrangements.

It was hard.

Very hard.

It felt like we were breaking up.

I fervently hoped and prayed that certain jobs I’d applied for would come through, because unemployment was ending and I had no prospects – and I very much wanted to rent in the same part of town, if I could.

But nothing materialized. My options were nearly non-existent.

I held on to indecision for awhile, till I couldn’t hold out any longer. It tore me apart, but I moved back in with my mom.

Granted, she needed the help, and I needed a place to stay, but at my age? Moving in with Mom felt like a giant leap backwards.

I was in denial. Still am. I’ve refused to unpack so far (except for hanging some clothes in the closet, I’m living out of a suitcase). I’ve slept on the couch instead of claiming one of the bedrooms.

I didn’t want to admit things were changing.

Changes can be unsettling, difficult even. They force us to give up something in order to get something else.

“Is this a step forward, or a step back?” we wonder.

We fear the worst, and hope for the best.

Was this move a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know, yet. I just know things are ch-ch-ch-changing and I didn’t want them to.